Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post 3, 5 Things

Here is a list of the products I would buy and the market they would be in:
·         Tires for my car which would be a monopolistic competition because there are a few different types of wheels I could buy.  Also I would need to figure out what kind of tires I would need, and the price would be important factors in the purchasing of my new tires. There are so many buyers and sellers in this market.
·         I would need to also find a place where they could install my tires.  I would be looking for a company that was an oligopoly because there are only 3 or 4 auto places in our area.  Again price would be a major factor in the place I choose.
·         I bought a couple of sweatshirts a few days ago.  I could have gone anywhere to get the same sweatshirt but, I chose Dicks Sporting Goods, so that was a monopolistic competition.  So instead of Dicks I could of went to Modell’s and maybe got a better deal.
·         I’m getting a tattoo today, so I won’t have any money anymore.  This is defiantly a monopolistic competition, but most people don’t want tattoos.  However there still are a lot of tattoo parlors.
·         If I wanted to buy a book o magazine I could go to a million different places, so I believe this is as close as you can get to perfect competition.  There are probably a million authors of books and over a thousand different types of magazines.

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