Monday, November 29, 2010

Post 1, Intro

Hi....I have to make this blog for my teacher Mr. Brad Campbell.  To tell the truth I think of Mr. Campbell as a role model, and really appreciate all the time he puts into his lessons... Okay so I’m 18, and have like one friend, a very firm bottom, and enjoy long strolls on the beach late at night with my 3 legged dog Skippy.  Sometimes I let Skippy swim out to sea so he can catch some star fish or salmon, but I have to make sure he does not get eaten by sharks or narwhales.  Enough about Skippy, I enjoy school I guess, and I'm thinking about going to Mercer College for about two years then transferring to a state school like Rutgers or something.  Recently I’ve been thinking about going to Hawaii for school also, I know I would be leaving everyone behind but it’s Hawaii!!

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  1. I think this blog is extremely insightful and mindboggling. It has opened my mind to a new horizon of thinking.